Monday, July 18, 2011

miss meagan

allow me to introduce the newest little mclaughlin. 
sweet, bright-eyed beautiful little button. 
meagan kate:

so fun to finally meet you meagan! love you darlin.


auntie nik

"as for me, i know of nothing else but miracles."  - walt whitman

Sunday, July 17, 2011

tried my hand at a green thumb.

i played in the dirt for nearly two days straight this weekend.

it was fun, exciting, therapeutic. resulted in my very first flower garden. adventure and accomplishment. and lots of color!

thank you dad for your invaluable gardening guidance and your (as always) good company!

thank you ryan and oliver for playing in the dirt with me. so fun!

now, if it could please stop raining and start looking even remotely like summer outside, that would be fabulous. ;)



p.s. if you want to wander through an absolutely stunning nursery - visit branches garden center in federal way. overwhelming (for a newbie) but super cool. website (here).

p.s.s next post: pics of my new little niece, sweet baby meagan. we finally got to meet her today. what an angel.

"look deep, deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." - albert einstein

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"i don't like to toot my own horn but beep beep..."

now famous words of my husband, spoken as he finished maneuvering the camper trailer in to our camping spot, perfectly positioned on his first try... 

and with that, little o's first camping adventure was officially under way.

we spent our first night at cape lookout state park, just west of tillamook, oregon (home to my very favorite little oregon hideaway, the blue heron cheese co.,  where you can sample wine and cheese, buy fun overpriced specialty kitchen gadgets, browse unique cards and gifts while listening to live acoustic music and wander around the petting zoo out front! quite the hodge podge. quite fantastic). cape lookout is my new #1 camp spot. we will certainly go back. our camp site was private, surrounded by gorgeous wind-swept beach trees, and only a two minute walk from the beach. we had a grand adventure. oliver gave his cheese stick a ride through the woods in a monster truck. we watched him walk (he much prefers to walk it than to ride it) his rad little bike. then we (such great parents) watched oliver face plant into the ocean after being sneak attacked by a wave. ryan jumped in after him, soaking his only pair of shoes. we calmed the little dude and relaxed by the fire, enjoying the peacefulness of the great (northwest) outdoors. 

 (isn't it nice how he poses for the camera?)

our next adventure was a 6 hour drive to eastern oregon for the big family reunion. on to the little town of heppner, oregon - home to the "hair i am" salon and the "spur 'em" barn (i know. i know).

we had a wonderful time.

we saw family we hadn't seen in quite awhile. we met others for the first time. 
we got to witness some live river dancing at the meet and greet. (whoa! wild stuff, i tell ya).
oliver was introduced to "pop-its." he fell in love. he sharpened his begging skills. 
we sat by the fire. we stared, amazed at the sky covered in stars.
we told stories. we laughed. we laughed some more.
we ate - quite a bit actually. and by the end of the weekend, we were very creative with our on-the-road meal plans (for breakfast monday, ryan enjoyed a gas station danish paired with a beef stick. oliver had cheese and apple sauce, of course. i believe i had some almonds, carrot sticks and red licorice. we were all about eating what we packed).

(mesmerized by pop-its).

(oliver hearts the girls).

(never a dull moment with the mclaughlin boys.)

we are glad to be back to max, mulva, a full size kitchen and bed... but we thoroughly enjoyed the adventure. oliver loved being outside and being surrounded by doting family. time spent with family is invaluable. we are grateful for it. we are looking forward to the next get together. (ryan and i are secretly plotting to have it take place at cape lookout state park of course).

cheers to family and to summertime adventures!



p.s. happy belated birthday (yesterday) to my super sweet, beautiful, talented, amazing mom. love you.

"the sun does not shine for a few trees and flowers, 
but for the wide world's joy" - henry ward beecher