Monday, October 29, 2012


the other day...
as he often does,
oliver slid a chair up next to miles'
changing table
so he could be close
and hang out while i dressed baby brother.
he stood there quietly adoring his favorite little guy
but with a puzzled look on his face as he
looked at miles
then at me
that back at miles
and back at me.

and then
quietly asked:
"where did you get him?"

i love it.
i love the two of them together.

speaking of two...
two very awesome sibs,
nolan and colby
(along with their very rad parents)
were the subjects
of a super fun shoot
in georgetown a week ago:

a fabulous family!
always a pleasure to hang with,
and sooo much fun to shoot.


"all too often, people forget that the gift of kindness is free."

Saturday, October 6, 2012

yay fall!; mr. miles, 7 months

fall colors are amazing.
so are pumpkin lattes.
so is crisp morning air.

also love love love an
excuse to break out my very favorite accessories:
hats and scarves.

we broke into miles' hat drawer
and went outside to play
for his seven month portraits.

he was perfectly cute
and perfectly cozy
(excepting the few shots of his sweet little bald head
and the one where i exposed his irresistible chunky thighs to the crisp air
- cannot help myself).

i love this time of year.
and i love the mug on this precious little buddy:


oh i love that little buddy.



"these are the days of miracle and wonder" - paul simon.

p.s. i love october photos.
so many fabulous family portrait sessions lined up this month!

georgetown shoot earlier today with 
the timmons family was
exceptionally awesome. 
cannot wait to share the photos with you!