Tuesday, August 30, 2011

one day summer

on saturday morning, ryan, oliver and i were very fortunate to
stumble upon a practice session of one day summer.

seth baer (lead vocals/guitar), jordan jones (drums/backup vocals), and josh wallace (bass/backup vocals) = the band

they, along with several other local area bands, played a concert at game farm park saturday, a benefit for the auburn food bank.

they rocked it. super talented musicians. very cool kids. i have no doubt we will see them on a much bigger stage someday soon. they scored some serious points when they covered my very favorite JET song (hear is right here) as an encore.

follow this link to check out one day summer on facebook.

their most adorable fan (listening ever so intently):

(of course).

support local talent, friends.



"if music be the food of love, play on." -shakespeare

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

the conductor is two.

hard to believe it has been two whole years since i first laid eyes on my perfect little guy.

seems like just yesterday he was a tiny little bug

and now he is

riding a bike
reciting his colors and numbers
peeing on the pobby
and pointing out new tiny little bugs (BABY!!!!!)

he talks a lot. he especially loves to say twoooooooo 
and lellow (yellow).

he is addicted to daddy
and grandpa
and t.v. (at least it is little einsteins, not project runway).

he also has a slight obsession with choo choos.

so... of course we had a vintage choo choo train birthday party.


(i scoured the internet for this super cool #2 sparkler candle. oliver was absolutely terrified of it).

(not terrified of the cream cheese frosting however).

(o and roo in cupcake heaven).

(awwhhh papa pops).

and today, on his official birthday...

oliver got to wear a special birthday crown at 
his very special birthday party w/ all of his little school friends.

i made him his very favorite dinner: spaghetti. messy as can be.

and we all thoroughly enjoyed ice cream sundaes. 
o is super happy that grandma is here for the occasion.

happy happy birthday sweet baby boy.
you have made our lives more beautiful that we could ever have imagined.

love you to the moon and back, bug.

mom and dad.


"yes, i can tell that we are gonna be friends" - jack white