Sunday, August 7, 2011

sweet sweet sweet baby luke.

i know it has been awhile - a long while since my last post.
i chalk it up to a brand new job, several fun photo shoots
and a ton of images to edit.
i hope to be a bit more blog-minded this week - i have so many fun images to
share with you, including the tiegen family portraits (gorgeous) and
the engagement session i shot tonight with morgan and preston (also gorgeous)!

and speaking of gorgeous,

meet luke!

he is breathtakingly handsome.

he and his mom are madly in love.

i had so much fun with the two of them!
luke made not a peep for nearly two hours.
and then, when he had had enough,
he lifted his arms above his head, let out
the cutest little squeak ever - and since i had a
full memory card and a ton of gems -
we called it a day.

i hope i get to see luke for his 3 month photos.

he is precious.

(squeak squeak)

told you he's precious.



"just when you think you know love, something little comes along
and reminds you just how big it really is."

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