Thursday, August 23, 2012

practice makes perfect.

morgan and preston's big texas-style wedding rehearsal ho-down
took place at red cedar farm in poulsbo.
{hands down the most incredible wedding/event venue i have seen.}

i was instantly in love as pops and i pulled up to the farm
and saw the rolling golden fields,
the rustic barns, the dusty dirt road lined
with perfectly placed barrels of flowers...
and an antique welcome sign written on a perfectly scalloped
re-purposed slate...

there were ponies. and chickens. and
beautiful antiques everywhere you looked.


and then
{yes. gasp. it gets even better}
we walked into the gorgeous rustic barn
to find all sorts of awesomeness...
the most amazing 'texas-chic' tablescapes
(inclusive of burlap table runners, blue mason jars, sunflower bouquets,
custom-labeled wine bottles...) perfectly suited
for a delish texas-themed menu,
shuffle board and vintage arcade games,
ice cream cones,
a lemonade stand lined with antique license plates,
custom brewed "morgan + preston" beer...

and a beautiful group of family and friends smiling, laughing, playing,
eating, drinking, cheering
as they celebrated love and togetherness.

pops and i were in photographer heaven from the moment we arrived.



what an amazing evening. 
and practice did, in fact make perfect
(although i would argue it was more the 'love in the air' than the practice)
morgan and preston's wedding day was just that: perfect.

cannot help myself:
(a teeny tiny sneak peak)

i am such a sucker for true love stories.
and for handmade weddings
in which a million perfectly thought out details
come together perfectly. 

anybody else want to vote for
morgan and her sisters to
quit their day jobs
and become superstar wedding planners?




time is flying.
baby smiles is six months old!
he validates the nickname a thousand times a day.
happiest baby ever.