Thursday, August 16, 2012

luke. be still my heart.

a wee bit of wisdom courtesy of oliver:

"do you know what pockets are made for?... pockets are for keeping rocks safe."

i was reminded of this fun wisdom when i shot sweet luke's one year portraits.
he was definitely trying to stow away some rocks for safe keeping.

luke was a rockstar for his photo session. seriously.

and that face. oh that face. i am so in love.

you will be too:

see luke's newborn photos (here).

happy first birthday sweet baby boy!


ps -

amanda - if you are reading this, thank you so much
for introducing me to katie, andy and luke. i miss you.
we should do lunch. for sure.

pss -

"there are no little things. 'little things' are the hinges of the universe." 
- f. fern

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  1. Nikki....these are perfect!!! Love every one! Thanks again!