Friday, December 28, 2012


oliver sang hallelujah in his school Christmas concert.
he has been serenading us for weeks.
cutest song ever.
he was very excited when he heard the
church band play hallelujah
for the Christmas eve service.

on Christmas morning,
oliver blessed us with a bit of
and a bit of
happy birthday Jesus
before the gift unwrapping craziness commenced.

we had a a beautiful Christmas
spent with friends and family.

i hope you had yourself a very
merry little Christmas as well.



Oh Holy Night the Stars are Brightly Shining
It is the Night of our Dear Savior's Birth.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

rockin around the Christmas twee

we are busy at our house
scrambling to finish all of our
last minute holiday preparations.

oliver is old enough this year to
know the spirit of giving.
he has crafted homemade gifts
for friends and family.
i am super proud.
he should probably launch
pinterest junior.

allow me to introduce you
to the cutest (serious. the cutest) santa everrrr!

charlie (+mom and dad):

such a sweet family.

be merry!


"art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time."
-c.s. lewis

Sunday, December 16, 2012

huteson family portraits

the hutesons
are perhaps
one of the raddest

i had the most amazing time working with them.

dan, kristen + max:

what a sweet + fun + gorgeous family.


"look for what is good and you will find it."

Thursday, December 13, 2012

conor. love.

oliver stopped us mid-meal
the other night to ask me and ryan

"why do you guys keep calling me strange names?"

ryan: "huh?"  "like what?"

oliver: "like oliver."

hmmm. curious.

the next morning...

i walked into the bathroom to find

miles' mouth on the edge of the toilet bowl.

i am sure the neighbors heard me scream.

my boys.
they make me laugh.
and shriek.
they keep my on my toes.

they light up my life.

i am sooo excited for my
dear friends jen and mike re
the birth of their little boy

conor stole a piece of my heart last week:

proud (and gorgeous, fun, fabulous) big sis nora
stole a piece of my heart a long time ago.

congrats to the beautiful crisera family!
cannot wait to get my lens on them again!



behold wonder.