Thursday, December 13, 2012

conor. love.

oliver stopped us mid-meal
the other night to ask me and ryan

"why do you guys keep calling me strange names?"

ryan: "huh?"  "like what?"

oliver: "like oliver."

hmmm. curious.

the next morning...

i walked into the bathroom to find

miles' mouth on the edge of the toilet bowl.

i am sure the neighbors heard me scream.

my boys.
they make me laugh.
and shriek.
they keep my on my toes.

they light up my life.

i am sooo excited for my
dear friends jen and mike re
the birth of their little boy

conor stole a piece of my heart last week:

proud (and gorgeous, fun, fabulous) big sis nora
stole a piece of my heart a long time ago.

congrats to the beautiful crisera family!
cannot wait to get my lens on them again!



behold wonder.

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