Tuesday, February 14, 2012


hot date tonight with ryan, oliver,
popcorn, red licorice, sugar cookies (decorated with love),
lady and the tramp on blu ray.

happy LOVE day wishes
from our family to yours.

nik ;)

"at one glance i love you with a thousand hearts" - hatun.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

so fun: luton family portraits

a perfectly overcast morning.  crisp but dry.  just the right amount of sun peaking through the clouds.
+ an absolutely adorable and super fun, energetic family in front of my camera.
made for a very happy photographer...

meet the oh sooo lovely luton family:

a big thanks to the luton family.
i had a fabulous time!!
elsa + matilda: i am certain you two are destined for superstardom.



"be silly. be honest. be kind." - emerson

Friday, February 10, 2012

family portraits: behind the scenes

hello all.

sorry i have been away so long.

i have been resting. sort of. have also been helping super husband to build a brand new super dream kitchen prior to the arrival of our new bean. super. exciting.

a few weeks shy of the holidays, i called my dad on a whim and asked if he could meet ryan, oliver and i at my very favorite photo spot (you may recognize this georgetown gem from the super fabulous harding family portraits) to shoot some mclaughlin family photos. because he is the very best, he agreed to the last minute adventure.  in true mclaughlin fashion, we served him up with a few fun family portrait session challenges....

and came up with a few images 

where two of three were paying attention:

where one was checking out a choo choo train (much more interesting than a lens after all):

where there was a major blinking issue. (ryan is NOT going to love that i posted this. couldn't resist as i find it incredibly awesome how twinsies they are in this pic):

where someone started to lose patience:

and then someone was done. totally done:

and hungry.

despite the challenges,  daddy-o captured the story of our family georgetown adventure beautifully and we ended up with a ton of priceless treasures, both candid and posed, all completely awesome. 


thank you, thank you dad for your incredible talent and creativity (and patience)!
you are the very best. 



p.s. family portrait sessions are my fave to shoot. they are totally rad adventures.  if you need some new, fresh portraits for your collection, contact me. would love to play!

p.s.s.  so excited for my next post, to properly introduce you to the stars of my most recent family portrait session fun...

p.s.s.s.  my bump has gotten much bigger. just a couple of weeks to go...  ;)

"you're only given a little spark of madness.  you mustn't lose it." - robin williams