Friday, October 21, 2011

harding family portraits. oh my.

oh my. i had a fabulous time working with this gorgeous family! and i am crazy about these images!

i love the color. i love the contrast and textures. i love the styling (you are fabulous marisa!).
most of all, i love the big personality of this super sweet family.

my fingers are crossed that i get to shoot the harding's family portraits every year. way crossed.

meet the harding family:

do you have your family photos to include in your holiday cards???? If not.... call me. i would love to "shoot" you...

happy happy weekend!



p.s. have had my new iphone 4s for less than 24 hours and am already completely obsessed with the siri feature!!! nothing like telling your phone that you are hungry... and instantly getting a list of the closest restaurants to your current location. loads o fun.


  1. These photos are absolutely GORGEOUS Nikki! What an incredible selection of images to last their whole lives! Your heart, love for people, shines through all of them. I can just tell that these little ones felt at home and safe with you by the twinkle in their eye! So proud to know you Nikki, so stinking proud! This family is SET for the holidays!

    Me Ra

  2. Simply saying 'thank you' seems a bit inadequate.
    I adore these photos. No, I love these photos. No, I cherish these photos.
    And as time goes on, I will adore/love/cherish these photos even more.
    One day soon, Juliette's irresistibly chubby cheeks will give way to cheek bones. And Hudson's silly smiles will transition to a 'I'm too cool to smile' smile.
    I will have these photos to reflect back to this precious moment in time. And for that, I 'thank you'.