Sunday, October 30, 2011

little coffee bean.

for nearly six weeks of my first trimester, my diet consisted (almost exclusively) of cheerios and decaf lattes.  lattes were about the only sure way to get in a few hundred calories with a hope of keeping them down.

i am now eating (much, much) more but my #1 pregnancy craving remains coffee.  (not nearly as fun as starbucks lemon loaf which i enjoyed almost daily with oliver, but still delish).  my current latte of choice: tall half-caf, non-fat, no foam pumpkin spice latte with half of one pump of pumpkin spice and light whip.  my husband and most of my friends are embarrassed to be seen with me in the ordering line at starbucks. whatever.

our new little coffee bean has multiple nicknames already. the latest: ninja baby.

he or she kicks and rolls all day long.

i love the constant movement - the frequent reminders that in just over four months, our family will be blessed with a brand new little member - another big personality, i'm sure. we are so excited!

i thought it was very appropriate that at my last ultrasound, the tech gave me this photo:

(a little ninja foot!) 

 (here is a sweet profile pic from a couple of months ago. looks a lot like big brother did ...)

so cute. so adored, already.


p.s. i am in love with the fall leaf colors. bring on the rain... as long as we can have all of these amazing colorful leaves for a while longer.

"teach us delight in simple things" - rudyard kilping.


  1. So excited for you! Hannah and I were just saying last night how handsome Oliver is (I may have suggested a pre-arranged marriage for him and Ari) and I cannot wait to meet this new sweet little one of yours!

  2. oh my word nikki i had no idea you were pregnant :) congratulations!!!!

  3. The "ninja baby" nickname made me laugh! Love seeing new pics of the little bean. Can't wait to meet him or her =) Love fall leaves too, even if I do hate temps below 70 degrees!