Sunday, November 6, 2011

ladies; leaves; anthro.

i had the privilege of shooting michele's son henry's senior portraits in the spring.

i had just as much fun a couple of weeks ago when camera and i got to spend a morning with michele and her three girls.

have i mentioned how much i love sisters? (especially my own). there is just something about them...

these fabulous girlies were so much fun.

meet the barger ladies:

the rain beat me and oliver to the most amazing pile of leaves that had fallen under a giant maple tree a couple blocks from our house. so... i did not get the oliver photo session in a field of dry fluffy leaves like i had hoped, but we still had a blast playing in them.


after we played in the damp dirty pile of leaves, we enjoyed a cozy treat from our favorite place to end up on a saturday morning.

hope you are enjoying your weekend as much as i am loving mine.



"a sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost" - marion c. garretty

p.s. its official. i love every single last detail about anthropologie (the most fabulous store on the planet without a single doubt).

even the coupon they sent me for my birthday (anthropolo-me time) is cute beyond words.

here are just a few of the things on my current anthro wish-list. mind you, i will likely never own a single one of them unless they are magically discounted 75%.  i take that back. i just might spring for the whisk. it is a really fabulous whisk.

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