Wednesday, November 30, 2011

tis the end of movember.

did you do anything out of the ordinary this month?

ryan - and four of his closest homies - grew a moustache.

movember: (this is my most favorite-ist - and pretty much the only appropriate way it is defined at
Movember (formally known as November) is a month long fund raising event during which participants (almost always adult males) attempt to grow a luxurious and stylish moustache throughout the month. they also ask people to sponsor them for this event, and all monies raised go toward mens health issues and further research... 
The rules are that at the start of the month the shaved smile must be photographed and posted, updates must be provided for donating parties, and at the end of the month the results must be photographed and displayed. in addition participants may organise a Movember party to display the completed Mo!

ryan and his boys followed some strict guidelines - one of which was that the "stache" had to be a "solo stache" meaning... no other facial hair (aside from eyebrows and lashes of course) - no beards, no goatees - just a full on jeff foxworthy-esque moustache.  i have to admit, i was not ecstatic about this.  but... it was fun watching ryan get more and more pumped about it as the month went on.

on thanksgiving, ryan thought it was verrry rad that bob (my father in law) was sporting a solo stache as well. (bob - your stache suits you!)

we had to snap a few photos.  oliver wanted to be in on the stache photos so grandma gave him his very own eyeliner moustache

oliver loved his eyeliner mustache and was not at all happy when i tried to get rid of it:

last saturday, i (pregnant, rational super sweet wife that i am) volunteered as DD for the big movember bash that the guys attended to celebrate their achievements.  before leaving, we (of course) took stache photos.

judging by their adult male giddiness, they had a blast. nate (who i will from now on refer to as mario - as in giant stach nintendo mario) walked away with the "movember stache of the year award." whoa.  i have to admit driving the five of them home in the wee hours of the morning was a total riot.

the best part: as soon as we got home - ryan shaved the stache. (no "mo-lingers" in this house).  he had done his movember duty... goodbye jeff, hello doogie!

if you want the 4-1-1 on movember so you can get involved next year by growing a stache and/or sponsoring one - you can visit the official movember website here.

it is a pretty big deal. there are official mugs, after all.

cheers to the beginning of december!



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  1. The guys look amazing. Good for them for doing it! I knew a few that did it as well. Awesome! Great pics, babe!

  2. Who would have thought that a toddler could look this good in a stache! No wonder he didn't want it "shaved" off.