Friday, December 23, 2011

meet miss avery

whoa! nearly a whole month has passed since i treated you to the moustache photos.

i have been busy.

busy shopping
busy working
busy eating (and growing)
baking (and growing even more...)
shooting (babies and families and weddings - so much fun)
and editing
and eating
tree hunting
and now i am ready for Christmas to be here.

i am loving this holiday season. loving the family and friends, the food, the beautiful greetings, the lights, the gifts (i have snuck a few in for myself too which is naughty but oh so nice), excitement and joy.

speaking of joy....

how lucky am i to have been able to photograph miss avery, a holiday bebe, when she was just an itty bitty 8 days old?!

miss avery is every bit (and more) as cute as i imagined she would be when i shot her gorgeous mom and dad a couple of months ago.  see their pics (here).

meet avery rose. perfect in every way:

i had to nab a shot of the kitty kitty - she has claimed the changing table as her own:

congratulations ashley, bobby and carson on the new addition to your sweet family!
welcome to the world miss avery!

this shoot made me even more excited for new bebe mclaughlin to arrive.  little bean will be here in just over 2 months.  hard to believe.  this pregnancy has flown by! time flies, truly.

so... bobby (avery's dad): i saw a bumper sticker today that made me think of you. it read "DADD - Dads Against Daughters Dating." you might as well order yours now. ;)

merry happy last minute Christmas prepping!



p.s. i recently had the honor of shooting the wedding day celebration of (the super adorable duo) tyler and shelby. hoping to post a sneak peak soon! just finished baking and thoroughly taste-testing 7-layer cookie bars. i will be up for a while. should get quite a bit of editing done...

'through each passage and each season, may you trust the goodness of life." - charlene costanzo


  1. What an adorable little girl! You did an amazing job of capturing her and her family. Great job lady!

  2. You outdid yourself Nik. She is absolutely precious...what beautiful photos.