Friday, October 14, 2011

ashley: bebe en route.

someday i will own acreage with a gorgeous old house and a super rad old barn that will
serve as the most amazing backdrop for all of my photo shoots.

for now, if i want fields of tall grass and buildings with perfectly weathered siding, i go "barn hunting." so, off ryan, oliver and i went last week with the hope of finding the perfect location and 

luckily, we happened upon a very nice man named joe who happened to be out and about on his tractor on his super sweet picture perfect property, and he did not mind one bit if i came back that afternoon to shoot portraits.

i brought him a starbucks card. i hope the gesture will allow me to go back again someday...

allow me to introduce you to ashley and bobby (and avery).

ashley has the most perfect baby belly i have ever seen. 

cannot wait to meet (and photograph) miss avery!

congrats bobby and ashley and big brother carson! bebe avery will be one lucky in love little lady.



every child begins the world again - henry david thoreau


  1. Those are great pics! Love the backdrop, and you're right - Ashley is a totally cute preggo lady.

  2. Oh this last one Nikki.... just beautiful! It's being added to my materity shots on Pinterest for sure!