Thursday, July 12, 2012

rice rice baby! adventure awaits...

i let oliver take an extra long bath yesterday.

now that the sun is out... he is outside a lot.

he is in turn, filthy dirty. a lot.  especially those little feet.

only ten minutes after he was freshly washed, it was time for lunch.

i set him up to the table with his lunch.

i left for two minutes to check on miles.

i came back.

me:  ohmygosholiver!!!! why is there cottage cheese all over you?

oliver: it lotion, it lotion, it lotion though.

me: oliver!!!!

oliver: but its ok though.

and then i just let it go.  we finished lunch. 
then we scrubbed the "lotion" and other food items off.

lunchtime surprises and other such adventures await my 
baby sis and her husband, newby mommy and daddy! 
may they savor every moment of the journey.
every sticky, messy, beautiful moment.

a big enthusiastic 

welcome to the world sweet baby

to the newest superstar of the family, my nephew -

tiny, gorgeous, sleepy, precious

logan ray rice:

and a BIG congrats to my
 dear sweet friends 
dj and farlis who recently found
out that their own greatest adventure
is just around the corner...




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  1. i can't get enough of this baby sweetness... please, please keep it coming!