Sunday, May 12, 2013

goodnight moon {& hello sunshine}

i am absurdly good at
"putting it off to tomorrow."

i have grand intentions each night
that yes -
tomorrow will be the day 
that i
paint my nails,
bleach my teeth,
finish that book,
cook that new recipe,
dust the blinds,
master that new photoshop trick,
call that old friend,
complete that ab workout...

on wednesday night,
i decided that, due to the giant pile of dishes in the sink
and even more giant collection of images to edit...,
i would "put off to tomorrow"
the usual story time for miles.

at 11:15 pm
just as i was about to crawl into bed,
miles woke up.
he cried.
he cried louder.

i went to his crib
hoping to replace a blanket
plug in a binky -
and get back to bed.


he was wide awake.
he put his little chubby hand out,
palm up
and motioned toward his rocking chair
over and over.
i relented.
once in the rocking chair,
he pointed one chubby little finger
towards the bookshelf on the wall
and {muffled by a binky} started
saying "book"
over and over
while pointing at 
a tattered copy of goodnight moon.
his face lit up when i grabbed it 
and opened to the first page.

he did not go back to sleep until i 
had read for an hour.

leave it to the little people
to teach us what is 
and what isn't
the most important,
what should
and what should not
be put off to tomorrow.

happy mothers day
to all the mommies.
are we lucky or what?!
i cannot imagine a greater privilege.

to my two
angel mothers 
who are
selfless -
thank you.
thank you.
thank you.

for everything.

to my three sisters -
thank you for amazing me
and inspiring me
in your mommying.

to my two babies -
thank you for 
making me so lucky.
so happy.

a doctor once 
told me that lupus
might keep me
from ever successfully
carrying a baby to term.
two years later, 
i held oliver
for the first time.

i am so thankful to be a mommy.

happy happy mom's day.



a mother's love perceives no impossibilities. - c. paddock


can you believe the amazing week of sunshine we've had?!!!!!
hello summer!

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  1. Your transparency is a pure delight. Thank you for sharing your life with us. You are an inspiration to me daily. Love you Nik!!