Monday, September 16, 2013

let them be little; me, me ra koh + YOU.

thank you God for lightning mcqueen
and for buzz light year
and for woody
and for every super hero
and for our beautiful, comfy beds
and our tv
and our family.

and please bless daddy to be safe at work

and please bless the bed bugs don't bite us goodnight.
and thank you for all the beautiful pictures
and for space.


oliver's prayers at bedtime
are seriously
the greatest things i have ever heard.

kids are amazing. 
they say and they do
the most incredible, hilarious, heartwarming things.
their sweet little personalities... i LOVE them...
and LOVE to capture them with my camera! 

i had so much fun shooting two of 
my favorite girls yesterday.
we escaped from the rain in a tacoma parking garage! 
i LOVE how the background completely blurs out behind these two.
i love the bright colors.
and i am crazy about their sweet, fun personalities.

i started out shooting these two in a "traditional manner"
(a few portraits for grandma and grandpa... smile and look at the camera...)

AND THEN i switch to continuous shutter, tell them they can giggle all they want -
and i let them be little. silly. fun. little.

love. love. love.

i believe wholeheartedly in the importance of storytelling images. 
i am SOOO excited about my latest photography adventure - 
an adventure i hope you'll share with me!
i have partnered with a dear friend, mentor and MASTER storyteller Me Ra Koh
to offer you workshops that aim at building your confidence
in using your camera and in your own CREATIVE VOICE
to capture your stories! 
i am honored to be a part of an incredibly talented group of photographers/teachers
and am so excited for what lies ahead!

find out more about upcoming award-winning photography CONFIDENCE workshops here and here!


be sure to tune in wednesday morning for more details about
my first seattle workshop and a fun way to "meet" other teachers from 
around the country! 



ps. i am loving the rain! it's back in full force. it sounds amazing.

pps. i am drooling over this:

why, anthro why do you torture me with these ridiculously gorgeous chairs at
 ridiculously out of your mind prices?

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