Friday, October 4, 2013

A photography book you MUST OWN: Your Child in Pictures {by Me Ra Koh}

my dear friend, mentor + teaching cohort Me Ra Koh 
{a total ROCK STAR behind her camera AND her keyboard}
has done it again -
she has taken her passion for bringing moms, kids + cameras together
and has written another AMAZING book -

a photography book that 
does not put you to sleep with pages and pages of tech, tech, tech....
but rather makes you laugh out loud, reminisce + maybe even cry a little.
this book (just as Your Baby in Pictures did before) left my heart
happy and inspired!

Your Child In Pictures is brilliantly written
to speak to the heart of parents who yearn to
take better pictures of their families -
to capture the beautiful moments that tell their family's unique stories...
to create images that - when looked at years down the road -
will bring you right back to the moment it was shot.
cover to cover, this book offers incredible tips, tricks and photo recipes
for getting the best shots of your child(ren)
at every stage of growing.

this book serves to grow your creative voice and 
boost your confidence from behind the camera
while capturing the "voice" of  your (sweet little)
subjects on the other side of your camera.

from tips for finding great light to
setting up backgrounds with a purpose
to keeping your kids from running when the camera comes out
(and, of course - rad, easy to follow instruction re: camera settings)...
the easy to follow tips you will find in this book
will allow you to dramatically change your photographs overnight.

Me Ra's "refuse to say cheese" approach to photographing children
struck a cord in me years ago.
it is CRAZY to think of the moments, the images i would have missed
if i told my kids to stop and say cheese 
every time i held up my camera

an excerpt from the book:

The Power of Photography:

"...when you pick up your camera to capture your child's life, you are stepping into a creative space that has limitless possibility.  You are not just the family documenter.  You are also a healer.  What wounds of insecurity can you heal today? What taunting voices of not feeling pretty enough, cute enough can you quiet in your nine year old's heart?  What innocent bond between a four-year-old and his teddy bear can you preserve with a single photo?  These are the powerful moments that ask to be captured. 
some of your photos may not turn out, but many will.  in all the trying, learning, and pushing of your own creative boundaries, take a moment to pause - to look up from your focus - and see how you are not only capturing treasured memories but healing the world one child at a time, starting with your own."

i adore Me Ra and I adore this book.

you need a copy.

find it {here}
and be sure to order a copy of the first book in the series,
Your Baby In Pictures too {here}.
love, love, love them
 and i am certain you will too!

you can also WIN a copy by simply leaving a comment below OR
upload your favorite photo of your child(ren)
and tell me about the story you captured with it.
a winner will be randomly selected on 
friday, october 11th.




"the soul is healed by being with children" - Emma Goldman 

ps -

still have a few spots left in my
Photography Workshop.

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