Monday, April 16, 2012

fall in love: miss mia.

i put miles in the sweetest pair of brown & white stripey pajamas this morning.
i remembered oliver in those same sweet pajamas.
i swear it was just yesterday...

and now

as i sat on the couch feeding miles this afternoon
i glanced out the window at oliver
standing at the edge of the back patio
in a t-shirt and rain boots
his pull-up around his ankles
a steady stream of pee-pee watering the grass.

i had three immediate thoughts:

a) how did my little man get so big SO fast?;
b) who told him he could pee in the grass?; and
c) i hope our neighbors are not outside.

time is so much more fleeting now that we have littles.
must be why
we take note, we dote over little moments, all the things they do
big, small, silly or sweet.

and we take pictures. lots of pictures.

meet miss mia (i dare you not to fall for her):

what a bella!
what a gorgeous family.

i hope miss mia's obsession with her little feet is not too fleeting.
it is the sweetest.



"teach us delight in simple things" - rudyard kipling


  1. My favorite is the pirate picture and the one with Mia's big ol' eyes and cheeks front and center. Great pics, Nik. Love ya!

  2. Beautiful pictures, Nik! You really captured the love they share for each other.