Tuesday, April 3, 2012

meet miss bri; uncorked at the mclaughlins

logically, it is more difficult to get out of the house after having two kids, rather than one.
week one of having two boys, i could have broken out in a panic-induced sweat just thinking about
leaving my two sweet boys and getting out of the house all by myself
to shoot portraits.
why the panic? not quite sure. 
very glad it was short lived ;)

two weeks later, i was at the park with my camera
aimed at a little miss who has spunk + sass +
the sweetest little face...

she is a darling little little.

meet miss bri:


p.s. - a little "fun + games" insight to you from me:

(my plug for apple: these cork photos were taken with the iphone 4s. love that i can have something so dependable to take great photos even if my camera is not within reach.)

i was a tad bit annoyed when oliver first discovered my goblet of wine corks, dumped them all over the living room and replaced them with hot wheels.

i got over it quickly as i watched him play, realizing how brilliantly resourceful my two year old is.

do you have a collection of wine corks lying around your house too?

if so, you should know that they are great for:

counting practice;

tower building;

painting (dip in washable finger paint and your toddler can dob away for hours);

kitchen floor cork bowling; and of course

they are marvelous for race car track building.

coincidentally, the oober brilliant folks over at anthropologie came up with some pretty super ideas for  cork recycling too:


have fun collecting corks.
have fun creatively reusing them too ;)



"the world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless."
- jean-jacques rousseau

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