Monday, March 19, 2012

sweet surprise: unanticipated camera crush

i wouldn't say he was ever camera-shy.  it was more like "camera-annoyed."
up until three weeks ago, the only time oliver would show any interest in having his photo taken was when cousin reece (not camera shy. not at all. way cute about it) was over, setting a good example.
thank goodness for candids.

then, three weeks ago, oliver came to the hospital to meet his brand new brother. he watched, bright-eyed and puzzled as the camera was pointed at someone new.

now it is:

"oliver, can we go outside and take some pictures?"

"um, yes."


"oliver, i am going to take some pictures of brother."

"um, no. let me kiss him. you take pictures both of us."

a camera crush.

yay!!! it turns out the one sign of jealousy that oliver has exhibited since miles arrived works out extremely well in my favor.



his interest in being on the other side of the camera has increased as well.
the other day, i found him shooting a buzz and woody portrait session.
i couldn't be more proud ;)

only time will tell but it seems the "camera-annoyed" baton may have been passed down...




p.s. thank you for the visit uncle tyler! always a good time.


  1. Aw, Oliver is honestly the cutest. And Miles got so big so fast! His wittle bear on his butt x)

  2. What a feel-good post. :) Love the cheesy grins, baby hands, and bear bottom. :) Love you all!