Thursday, November 1, 2012

4 gorgeous garcias; 1 month of movember yo.

these images were a LONG time in the making.
hannah and i discussed getting a date
on the calendar for the garcia family photos
nearly every time we spoke
for over a year!

i was ecstatic when we finally
had a date nailed down!

a few weeks ago,
hannah called and said that
she wanted to stick to the date, rain or shine.

we decided on a plan a (outdoors) and
a plan b (super cute coffee shop).

it started to rain while i was driving to location.

and then it stopped.
just in time.
for an beautiful (and ridiculously fun) plan a
family portrait session.

i love this family.
my camera loves this family...
meet hannah, edward, remy + ari:

hannah - can we please get your next
family session on the calendar NOW?



ps - hannah posted a super sweet
review of this photo session
on her beautiful blog.
see it {here}



my husband ryan
logged on to facebook the other day
and wrote a post
about how excited he was to be
growing a mustache again this year for
15 minutes later,
he realized that he had been
logged in to MY account
when he posted that.

i find it comforting that
in those 15 minutes
no one "LIKED"
the idea of me
growing out my facial hair.

i must admit that
i am normally not the greatest fan of
the "solo stache."
but... in the interest of
being the super supportive wife that i am,
i am in full support of 
ryan and his stache...
and his efforts to raise money and awareness
in the fight against prostate cancer.

for more information on MOvember
(and to pledge a donation to the cause),
see ryan's MOspace {here}.

yay fab(stache)ulous movember.

grow on.

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