Thursday, November 15, 2012

so sweet tiegen family.

my friends maria and scott
make BEAUTIFUL baby girls.
i adore my boys
and am 99.9% sure i am done having babies but
after this shoot
i had a bit of baby girl fever.

despite the rain that kept us huddled
under tree cover for half the shoot,
this portrait session was fabulous!

as is the tiegen family.
maria + scott + scarlett + coco:

can you believe those eyes?! baby coco was born the very same day as 
my miles. must have been the magic day for bright, gorgeous baby-blues...

hard to believe these babes are already 8.5 months old!
2012 is flying by!

thank you maria, scott, scarlett and miss coco
for the super fun afternoon!


p.s. be silly, be honest, be kind - emerson.

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  1. We LOVE these fabulous photos! You did such a great job. Thanks so much!! You have some real talent missy!