Monday, March 11, 2013

my posse's on broadway.

i love a happy accident.

bobby, ashley, carson and avery
were meeting me at tully's off broadway
for their family portrait session.

turns out there are two tully's stores off broadway,
about a mile from each other.
i was waiting up the hill (lucky) -
they were at the bottom.
after figuring out we were not at the same location,
we all started walking the
 cold + {super} windy
half mile walk
to meet in the middle.

the middle just so happened
to boast an ADORABLE old house
with a RAD garage door and gorgeous brick porch...

and it was blocked from the wind.
it was perfect!

a perfect, happy accident.

what a fun shoot!
what a sweet, beautiful family.
(and seriously, they did not leave a single one of 
my favorite colors out of their outfits... AWESOME.)



"creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. art is knowing
which ones to keep."

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