Monday, March 25, 2013


oliver loves to wear batman gloves to bed.
a foam sword normally rests on the pillow next to him.
his super hero capes rest at the foot of the bed,
ready just in case i might relent and let him
wear one to preschool the next day.

he has been very creative in dressing himself lately.
the last time we asked him to throw some clothes on
to go to the grocery store...
he came out in
a plaid neck tie,
neon yellow sunglasses,
and a cape.

last saturday morning
he flew out of his room in
swim shorts
under football pants
under shorts
paired with a leather belt,
a gonzaga tee,
some chucks,
a bear-trapper hat,
{of course}
a cape.
he proclaimed himself a
"SUPER beartrapper hero guy."

he was so busy flying, punching + shooting
that he did not notice i only gave him
three of the ten jelly beans promised
when i bribed him to get in front of my camera.

i am so glad i was dead wrong in the notion
that only little girls love to play dress up.
the super hero stage
is shaping up to be 
a definite fave.


proud, delighted mommy.

ps. next post
i get to introduce you to one of my most
favorite bellas...
and offer up a
sweet discount
for 2013 senior portraits.

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