Friday, April 19, 2013

fenced in

do you have a favorite,
go to spot 
where you always seem to shoot fun photos?

the fence lining the west side of our back yard
is my spot...
the spot where so many of my favorite images of my babies
have been shot.
i love the colors,
the texture,
the light peaking through it.
the boys love playing near it,
so naturally
it is easier to shoot there.

the trees behind it are starting to warp it.
ryan says it may have to come down.
that would break my heart. he knows it.
so... i imagine it will be up as long as possible.


miles was playing out back yesterday.
i couldn't resist.
grabbed my camera 
and shot 78 frames in 2 1/2 minutes.

18 favorites:




i am dying over the ringlets he is growing. love.


i have been scouring etsy for fun mother's day gift ideas.

i love this. really love it:

and these too:

if you are smitten as well,
find them {here}.

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