Tuesday, April 16, 2013

patience. sort of.

oliver's bedtime was unusually drawn out {and comical}
this evening.


the four of us climbed into oliver's bed for story time and
read our newest library finds.


i took miles to his room. he reached for his crib.
i kissed him twenty or so times and laid him down.
he turned on his glow worm all by himself
and gave me one last sweet miles smile for the day.
and he was out like a light.


ryan tried to say goodnight and leave oliver to fall asleep.
{not a chance. not tonight}.
"daddy, i want you to sleep with me. please? pretty-please?
pretty please?
pretty please?
pretty please?"

"buddy, mommy and i are going to watch a show and then we will

come back and check on you."

"ok. come back. come back and lay with me. ok?"


ryan and i sat down to watch a documentary we have been trying to finish
for a month.


{every 10 seconds}: "i'm scared."

"you're ok buddy. mom and dad are just right out here."


"i need to go potty."

he potties. reluctantly goes to bed and reminds daddy

"come back and lay with me, ok?"


{every 5 seconds}: "i'm scared."

"oliver, we are right here. you're ok sweetie."


the crying began and consistently
got louder and louder with each second that we tried to ignore him.

ryan went back in.

"daddy, check out da window for monsters."

daddy checks and gives the a-ok.

"now under da bed.

and now the closet...
behind my chalkboard."

"ok buddy. your room is super safe. nothing to be scared of."

"but daddy. i wan't you to lay by me some more."

"alright buddy. as soon as we finish our show, mommy will come in and lay with you.

try to be patient."


"i need to go potty again. i need to go weally bad."

potty again. back to bed again.

a bit more whining.

soon it's quiet.


we finished our show. all was quiet.

i did a twenty minute pilates work-out.


i turned off the tv.

immediately following the sound of the off switch,

from the back of the house came:

"mommy, daddy said you would lay with me."

seriously? wow.

i went back to oliver's room.

with a gigantic grin on his face
he said
"you're welcome for me being so patient. i be'd a good listener. 
now close your eyes and lay with me."

how can i resist? (after all we still have at least another 15 years to

teach him to fall asleep on his own).


"i need to go pee-pee again."

potty again.

then we laid back down and i tried to give my son some

more bedtime kisses.

he gave me a stern look and whispered:

"i am so tired. so way too tired for kisses."

kids are wild.

i love them.

meet the granados family.

not too sure just how wild these kiddos are.
but i do know they are super cute:



"of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother." - L. Yutang.

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