Monday, June 24, 2013

promise + {31bits}.

first post following an amazing, inspiring, fabulous trip to
southern california.

i went to attend a GOLIVE workshop with the ridiculously talented
{PROMISE TANGEMAN} and her team of creative geniuses with 
the goal of coming home with a brand new website! promise is one of the most genuine people i've met in my life. and one of the most talented. and fun fact - her hair should have it's own zip code.

my NEW WEBSITE went live before leaving the workshop. 
i love it!
{if haven't been seen it yet, check it out - and get to know me much better... here}.

not only did a gain an incredible amount of knowledge, 
i met some AMAZING people, made some new friends who i adore!

i was sooo inspired by the group of women who's gorgeous warehouse space 
was borrowed for the workshop: the women of 

their story is one of the most heartwarming i've heard. they use their creativity and marketing skills to liberate and empower women in Uganda. please read it {here} and fall in love with the collection of 31bits jewelry {here}.

i brought these two lovelies home with me:


i had a most amazing trip. i feel so blessed to have had the opportunity
to learn so much, to grow in confidence, to expand my social media reach,
and to meet
so many beautiful people.

and speaking of gorgeous,
meet errin -
a high school senior, a super talented dancer,
a very beautiful woman, inside and out:

errin - i CANNOT WAIT to work with you again!




"don't waste time looking for your style. the truth is you already have it. 
you may just need to create more in order to see it." - promise tangeman


looking for a new fun song to throw on
while you dance through your kitchen
(baby or two in tow...) -
try this one on for size. makes me smile every time
(and oliver asked me to sing it lullaby style 10 times before bed tonight):


  1. Wow wow wow!!!! Your photos always leave me with my jaw hanging open - amazing!

  2. she is gorgeous! and your images are stunning!