Wednesday, July 10, 2013

wear love.

some pretty awesome bedtime banter between me and oliver last night:

oliver: oooh mommy, i like your pwetty pwetty ring.

mommy: thanks buddy. daddy gave me this before we got married.

o: where did you go to get the married?

m: we got married at the pike place fish market. do you remember that place? where they throw the fish?

o: oh. and did daddy get you that nice ring at the fish market?

m: thankfully, no.

o: mommy, you always always wear that ring.

m: yep buddy. it is a special ring. it means daddy is the only boy i love.

o: (with a verrrry concerned look on his sweet face). but you said you love me and miles. we are boys!

m: oh i do love you and miles silly.

o: so you love just boys that are in our house? can you love reece? i love him. he is a boy. can you please love him?

m: oh buddy. i love reece. very much. what i mean is that there is just one big boy - one that i love sooo much that i married him because he is so awesome.

o: you married him because he can do wheelies on his bike?

m: yes. that's right.

o: and no dolo (girl) will go to the fish market with me until i am big because i can't do wheelies on my bike?!

m: i love you oliver.

it was an amazing weekend for photos and i (and dad and ryan too) took full advantage of it...
a wedding, a senior portrait session, and

first portraits of a PRECIOUS new baby girl (a 4th of July baby)!

meet sweet baby norah (and proud big brother henry):

she is perfect! welcome to the world sweet norah elizabeth.




a couple of weeks ago
while on the treadmill at the gym
and paying no attention to burning calories
but rather intently watching
hoda and kathy lee on GMA
i learned of {wear love}.
KL and hoda were showing off
their new {wear love} tshirts and hoodies...
super chic! 

so i looked it up as soon as i got home.
turns out they sell lots of super fun clothing
AND they are non-profit
AND their organization benefits
non other than
a non-profit run
by the super inspirational and incredible
bob goff
(who just happened to author one of my very favorite books... LOVE DOES).
fun coincidence.

i see a new tee or hoodie in my near future.

check out {wear love} HERE to find sweet stuff and to see how you can help
this incredible charity.

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  1. Wow wow wow I LOVE this photos. You are giving me baby fevah with these sweet family sessions... don't tell Preston! ;)