Thursday, July 11, 2013

an AWESOME book

ryan and i have high hopes
of teaching our boys the great importance
in living creatively,
seeking adventure,
dreaming BIG
+ holding on tight to those big dreams.

we recently found the most awesome kids book
that captures these values so beautifully.
just so happens it is called


...yes, there are places in the world
where dreams are almost dead

so please, my child, do keep in mind
before you go to bed...

to dream a dream as big as big could ever dream to be

then dream a dream ten times as big 
as that one dream you see

then once you've got that dream in mind
please dream a million more

and not a million quiet dreams,
a million dreams that ROAR

a million dreams so loud they scream
so loud they sing and shout!

please dream for those who've given up
for those who've never tried

please use your dreams to make new dreams
for all the dreams that died.

cause your the one whose dreams can be
whatever dreams you want

whose dreams can change the way things are
and the way that things are not

and if they say that all your dreams
seem too big to come true

you tell them that i told you
that's what dreams are meant to do!




 met some fabulous new friends today.
the federspiel family = total rockstars.
so so fun.

sneak peak:



  1. Sweet, Sweet pictures of the boys! Love them.
    Grandma Woodhouse

  2. There is a BERNESE MOUNTAIN DOG in that picture! Love even more! xo