Saturday, February 12, 2011

hello blue. (it's official)

about me:

i have been blessed beyond measure with amazing family and friends. i adore them.

i love great food and red wine. i love music. (i am currently listening to this song and have been stuck on this fabulous band for weeks now).

i love to read. i read nie daily. she lifts my spirits without fail and brightens my days. i read sunset and real simple mags and am currently trying to find time to finish the happiness project.

i love to take pictures.
pictures of babies, kiddos, critters, families. and occasionally, fall leaves. i love the orange ones that are right on the border of being mistaken for red, but still orange. that particular orange makes me very happy. (see exhibit A below - taken while away on a romantic portland getaway with my mr. romance).
getting paid (be it in cases of red wine, anthropologie gift cards, or otherwise) to do something i love is ridiculously cool.

starting oliverblue photography has been a gigantic leap of faith.

being a mom continues to be an even greater leap of faith and the greatest joy i have ever known.

a few shots of oliver, my favorite source of inspiration...

yep. our fireplace doubles nicely as a toybox.



"go confidently in the direction of your dreams. live the life you imagine" - thoreau

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