Wednesday, February 23, 2011


oliver was fashion-forward last night in striped pajamas and cowboy boots (best find ever for $8 at a tiny little antique shop in the tiny little town of elma, wa).

on sunday, we had a family movie night. watched toy story 3. oliver was fascinated by the fact that buzz and woody were sitting right next to him on the sofa and also running across the tv screen.

first thing monday morning, oliver ran right over to his toybox and grabbed woody. he has been his favorite deputy ever since. woody goes where oliver goes. and if woody wears boots, oliver wears boots. it seems "w"s are still a bit tough for oliver so he calls his friend "oody" and/or "baby." 

best part is: i am the mom who swore up and down that my child would not get one single minute of "screen time" until he was at least 2 years old. not one minute. he is not 2 and he has had enough screen time to have a favorite cartoon character. oops.

oliver bug will be 18 months old tomorrow. oh how i love him so. cannot believe how the time has flown right on by. 

the moment we met.

blueberry eyes.

time flies when you are having this much fun... can't help but wonder if maybe oliver might want a baby sister sometime soon? she would be at least as much fun as buzz and woody. 

ok - that thought just left me completely exhausted. 

night night friends,


"we are most alive when our hearts are conscious of our treasures"
-thornton wilder

p.s. snow is falling tonight. it is beautiful.

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  1. he is adorable.
    i miss my babies.
    screen time is a good will save your sanity!
    not hours and hours but some is good.

    i LOVED meeting you nikki.
    you were a bright spot in the weekend for me.
    so fun.
    so happy.
    thank you for tolerating my complete inadequacy in the rental car situation. ha.