Monday, February 14, 2011

in honor of love

i have to admit that i normally poo-poo valentines day. i have never been a fan of "hallmark holidays" (even though i am a big fan of all things crafty so...?) and feel like love should be celebrated every day...
so why the fuss...?

...i had a change of heart this year. i figure that since i have been so very lucky in love and because i now have a motherly duty to be more festive re: all holidays, even my less than favorite ones, i would not
ba-humbug this one. so, in honor of love day, i spent the weekend with family and friends baking (cookies, cupcakes, brownies and turtles - oh dear), playing martha (creating valentines day garland and super fun and very festive votive candle holders), and writing out valentines cards for oliver's adorable, chubby-cheeked classmates. i had sooo much fun embracing the lovely holiday! watch out valentines days of the future. watch your back martha!

i am certain that i have several years of buzz & woody, elmo, or spongebob themed valentines in my near future so this year, i took full advantage of the fact that oliver cannot yet protest the cards i pick and i purchased fabulous, trendy printable valentines that i am in love with. i am sure all of his friends will heart them too. (they will probably only care about the mini boxes of raisins but whatever). to find them for yourself or your little munchkins, go here.

to make delicious, simple caramel pretzel turtles, follow this recipe, courtesy of our best bites. be warned -they are addicting.

even with all of the baking and crafting, i was able to find time to catch taylor and maddi's soccer game on saturday. go renegades! you girls kick so much tush.
 also found plenty of time to spend at the park with my boys.

a very lovely weekend indeed.

valentine's day meatloaf tonight. so festive.

xoxoxoxo to you and your lovies.


"give all to love. obey your heart." - emerson

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