Tuesday, March 8, 2011

not so lazy sunday: antiques, water and lemon

i love a lazy sunday. so does ryan. we are teaching oliver to love them too.

unless it is football season and we have tickets to the game, we normally spend our sundays free of absolute plans. we occasionally catch up on grocery shopping or run a few quick errands but for the most part, our lazy days are reserved for reading, playing, long walks, bike rides, cooking, napping...

we threw lazy sunday out the window this week and made plans to hang with my baby brother tyler and his eddy. we had so.   much.   fun.

tyler and eddy brought oliver a gift. the most fantastic, hilarious dancing frog you would ever lay your lucky eyes on. so. rad. oliver loves tyler and eddy. he loves them even more post froggy gift.

after twenty minutes or so of watching and laughing as froggy shook it's froggy tail and serenaded us with (this song), off we went on a sunday adventure to one of my favorite places: the gold mine of antique shopping: pacific galleries antique mall.

treasures currently on display:

(ummm, why?)
i found hundreds of items that i just had to have but did not leave with a single one of them. i am currently "saving" for this treasure here (aha. anyone who knows me is laughing at the prospect of my successfully saving money). i will likely go back for the stripey coffee mugs. that blue is perfect!

when we figured we had roamed the antique mall to our hearts' desires - we headed to alki beach to let oliver throw some rocks in the water and to get some pizza at the best pizza joint i know: pegasus pizza on alki.

oliver enjoyed (??) his very first lemon wedge. tehe. we all enjoyed watching him enjoy it.

the best part of being out on this not so lazy sunday was that the sun decided to be out too. for the first time this year, it did not feel like winter here. loved it.



"be yourself. everyone else is already taken." - oscar wilde.

p.s. if you know any fun high school seniors who would like fabulous, fun senior portraits... e-mail me. i am offering deals on senior portrait sessions booked by the end of the month.


  1. love the antique shopping! those doll heads are creepy, but the fishing in the nude is hilarious ;) sounds like a fun day!

  2. Ooooh, I am loving that card catalog you saw and NEED it :)

    LOVE Oliver's face eating the lemon wedge. That is fantastic!

  3. yep - it was a very fun day! and kelley - say the word and i will happily go card-catalog shopping for you. ;)

  4. Oh yes, lazy Sundays are the best! Love ya sista!

  5. Just love the photos from antique shopping, wow how you have blossemed, I just new you were going to be awesome! Oliver is so adorable with that lemon face. LOVE IT!