Friday, June 10, 2011

ben + queenie: wedding day bliss.

my dear friend barb called me while the houseboat party was just getting started last friday. she told me her son ben would be marrying queenie at 8 am monday morning... would i (and camera) like to witness the joyous occasion? um - yes! of course!

here is what barb had to say about her kiddos:

"They met in 2008 while Ben was living in Beijing and Queenie was working part-time at TGIF's.  She was attending Beijing Institute of Technology at the time.  She is from Baotou, Inner Mongolia and was the number one student in her high school class which allowed her to enter BIT.  Before Ben brought her to the U.S., they traveled to Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Thailand.  They designed and had their rings made in Sri Lanka.  I was able to follow their relationship and adventures via email and photographs.  Over time, I got a sense of Queenie's personality and she is exactly like I thought she would be, only better!  She is very warm, friendly, caring, loving, smart and funny.  Having her here is like looking at a picture of her coming to life before your eyes!  I love everything about her, but what I like best is she called me "Mom" from the minute I saw her at the airport.  I missed Ben so much and couldn't wait for him to get home.  Now I have my son and a daughter and I am so happy for them and for me!"

i am sooo happy for you too my dear friend! and so happy for ben and queenie. they are a beautiful twosome. it was a whimsical morning. i am so honored to have shared this occasion with you.

cheers to ben and queenie and their
happily ever after.


"love is the greatest refreshment in life" - pablo picasso


  1. yay for taking on a wedding. low key, but still nerve wracking! someone asked me to do their wedding. i usually say no, i don't do weddings, but this time i gave them a quote :) so scared!

  2. Thank you so much! You did a fantastic job and we were so lucky to have you come along! Good luck with your photography in future.