Wednesday, June 8, 2011

happy happy 3-0. houseboat style.

i have two incredible sisters. i have always been a tad bit envious that they both have summer birthdays. summer birthdays = way cool birthday parties. parties that take full advantage of the sunshine and the happiness it brings.

way cool b-day party case in point: houseboat weekend for jess' big 3-0!

ryan and i found ourselves scrambling at the last minute to make babysitter arrangements so we would not miss out on what will go down as an epic happy birthday jess/houseboat weekend... luckily, our dear friends and family came through for us (once again) and we were off to eastern (way eastern) washington for a big adventure to celebrate one of the coolest chickas we know.

we partied. we relaxed. we had mimosas for breakfast.

jess and danny fished. i took some overexposed pics of them with their prize fishies.

we chilled on the sun deck.

played a little chicky foot...

we exited the sun deck via the super rad water slide.

some exited in groups.

(i was told that it was very bad, unprofessional judgment to post this pic on my photography blog. just this once, i am happily willing to decline professional judgment. to have a pic this fun and not share it with the world would be a bit tragic, don't you agree?! tehe).

and we laughed, hysterically, over and over again about these shorty short shorts. THANK YOU CJ!

we partied like rock stars for "80's night (which actually turned out to be pink/teal/fishnet night)."

danny lovingly created a (happy birthday 30th jessie) cake.
 it looked pretty worked over the next morning but was delish. ;)

we gathered wood. we made fire. we sat around it telling stories, laughing, loving life. we missed our littles and decided the next houseboat adventure would include them!

rent a houseboat! you won't regret it! we rented ours (here).

happy birfday to my beautiful
fun (so much fun)
amazing little sister.

love you.


p.s. stay tuned for next post: ben + queenie, a love story.

"a sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost" - marion c. garretty

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  1. First off, I love love love the pic of the boys! Second....WHAT A FUN BDAY for Jess! I am so glad that you all had a wonderful time! We cannot wait to see you next week! Thanks for sharing!!