Friday, May 25, 2012


no matter what we are doing at roughly 7:30 each night...
whether we are cleaning up the dishes, editing photos, building an epic train track
or catching up on american idol (yay phil phillips. i have a not so tiny crush on him!),
we stop what we are doing and
we gather for story time.
the tradition started as soon as oliver arrived.
when he was teeny tiny, we gathered in our bed.
a few months later, we found ourselves on the floor in the nursery leaning against the crib
reading our favorite stories to our favorite sleepy little buddy.
now that oliver has a big, comfy bigboy bed
we gather there.
all five of us: mom, dad, oliver, baby miles, and maxi dog.
we read three or four favorites (one or two of us may or may not listen from the fort under the covers),
we sing songs (oliver likes to hold baby miles' hand while we sing).
occasionally we have a tickle fight.
we laugh. we smile.
and i always find myself reflecting on how crazy lucky i am.
two little lovies.  i adore them.
and they adore each other.

7:30 is always my favorite time of day.

introducing the oh so sweet boucher family
who just welcomed a second precious little lovie...
meet miss nova:

proud big sis xyla is no stranger to my camera. she is soooo sweet.
see xyla's previous pics (here).

thank you sweet boucher family
for letting me hang with you for a bit ;)



"while we try to teach our children all about life,
our children teach us what life is all about" - a. schwindt


a few of our very favorite stories
well worth gathering for:

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