Sunday, May 27, 2012

lindsey and sprout.

dear baby sis,

i remember when you were toddling around
with your sweet rolly-polly thighs and
bald head,
big bright blue-green eyes,
and the sweetest smile.

seems like just yesterday.

now look at you.
all grow'd up.
no rolly-polly thighs to speak of.
same bright eyes, same gorgeous smile.
only now... you are
toddling around with a volleyball
for a belly.
cutest baby bump everrr!

i know first hand
the indescribable joy of
holding your tiny baby boy for the first time.
there are no words for how excited i am
for you to experience it

in just a few short weeks!

(thank you for letting baby miles into this shot.  he cannot wait to meet his little cousin)

you are a super sweet, talented, kind, beautiful bella.
you are going to be an amazing mommy.
i love you to the moon and back.
i am thrilled for you and jeff.

and i cannot wait to meet little sprout.



"being a mother means that your heart
is no longer yours;
it wanders wherever your children do." - unknown


  1. I am blessed to have such amazing daughters!

  2. This made me tear up, Nik. Love the post, and congrats again to Linds and Jeff - so excited for them!

  3. I love this! So sweet, another baby soon to arrive and feel so loved. I wish every baby could be born into a family that is ready to shower them with the kind of love that this little one will blessed with! keep us posted Lindsey!