Thursday, June 7, 2012

toddler rad; a very happy birthday shoot with the klumpers; summertime SPECIAL

the other morning over a picnic breakfast...

oliver: i would like walrus

mommy: you mean like a pet walrus?

oliver: yes. uh no. i want two dem.

mommy: ;)

oliver: where's daddy?

mommy: daddy's at work sweetie

oliver: oh. but where he be? what he doing?

mommy: do you know what daddy does while he is at work?

oliver: yes. i do. he go night night. he wakes up and he comes home

mommy: oh yeah? do you want to go night night with daddy at work?

oliver: um yes.

miles' only request was five ounces of milk.

and a couple of days later... 

oliver: daddy, i wanna fly my new kite.

daddy: sorry buddy. there's no wind outside.

oliver: what dat? what wind?

daddy: wind makes the trees sway and kites fly

oliver: well where it be?

daddy: maybe its windy at the beach but not at our house. sorry buddy.

oliver: oh dats ok. i just need (all one word) alit-bit-a-pixy-dust.

daddy and mommy: ;)  ;)  ;)

little kids are rad. especially, in my humble opinion, two year olds.  a million tricks up their sticky little sleeves to keep you on your toes and make you laugh.

my camera shoots 6 frames per second...
almost fast enough
to keep up with the ever-fascinating, adorable and super fun facial expressions
of my nephew, reece:

in perfect two-year-old fashion, reecey kept me on my toes while i shot the klumper family portraits this weekend.  it was my sister's special birthday request... new family photos.  i happily obliged.

love love love this family:

happy birthday jess! you and your sweet family are amazing. thank you for letting me spend your special day with you.
love you.



"other things may change us but we start and end with family."

p.s.  so excited for my next post... to introduce you to stacy and brandon,
bride and groom to be!
they are gorgeous, they are fun, they are dawg fans. 
they are so so in love.
such a fun engagement session!


is it time for some new family photos?
do you have a new baby?
a high school senior this fall?
a first birthday?

i love summer and fall photos.
i want to take LOTS of them.

book a portrait session with oliverblue in the next 2 weeks 
(to be scheduled for any date through the end of the year)
and save $75 off the session price.

happy summer!

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