Friday, June 15, 2012

stacy+brandon: engaged; batman and baby brudder

stacy and brandon are awesome!

how awesome?

they recently built a giant fort in their living room
that encompassed their television
and had a movie night.
stacy giggled when she told me that brandon decided to stay and sleep in the fort.
he blushed when she told me that.
i applauded him said that ryan would be envious.

brandon and stacy met at t-ball practice when they were wee little littles.
later fell madly in love.
still love baseball.

they even brought their gloves and a ball to our shoot
and played catch while i played with my camera.

they also brought wardrobe changes! ha!
and wine.

they are major husky fans.
(it was so fun to be back on campus)

they are awesome.

meet {very} soon to be wed
stacy and brandon:

thank you stacy and brandon! sooo looking forward to wedding day!

and in other news...
batman spends a day chillaxin...
he watches some televsion

he practices his mad piano skills...

and of course, as with everything batman does... he makes time to
stop and show some love to 
baby brudder.

and when he is done with that,
he calls out
"mommy, fly me to the the potty"...
superheroes do not walk to the potty.

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  1. Hi Nik always , I'm so proud ! I love the shot of her looking over his shoulder (eyes only) beautiful !!