Thursday, May 10, 2012


my littles lovie is growing so fast.

last week i noticed that his sweet strawberry blonde eyelashes have grown so long that they have started to curl.  there is something about little baby eyelashes, isn't there?

he was 5.5 pounds 10 weeks ago. he weighs 10.5 pounds.
he has sweet chunky thighs and tiny little rolls growing around his wrists.

he smiles. a lot.

and yesterday - my baby looked up at me - and then... sweetest gurgly giggle i have ever heard...


i love them. i love him.

i also love these shots of nate (one of the sweetest daddies there ever was) and his three bellas.




thank you ladies and gentleman
loved all the pink. and the pig tails.

not much pink or pig tails around the mclaughlin pad.




"happiness is not a station you arrive at , but a manner of traveling." m. runbeck

p.s.s. did you know i have a slight (ok more than slight) obsession with stripes?
found this organic cotton stripey onesie by naturebaby while browsing  found it cheaper at so perfectly simple and cute. i am in love.
and i think it will look perfect paired with baby miles' tubby thighs.
i predict a stripey-themed 3 month photo shoot.


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