Saturday, February 2, 2013

11 months (!) and catching up fast...

oliver has always 
REFUSED to eat his broccoli.

but we have a rule at our table 
that he has to try at least one bite of everything on his
plate before refusing to eat it.

so on thursday,
i added broccoli to oliver's dinner plate.

he immediately put up a fight.
a strong fight.

(in a stroke of genius)
told oliver to look over at his brother in his high chair

(miles was COVERED in broccoli...
little bits of it on his forehead, 
up his nose,
on his eyelashes,
in his ears,
squished between all of his tiny fingers.
and of course, covering the floor too.)

and then he said:
"don't forget buddy -
your brother is almost one! he is growing fast...
all that broccoli he's eating is going to make him
super big and strong...
he is catching up to you really fast..."

oliver immediately began
eating his broccoli.
and after every other bite,
he stood on his chair
and shouted
"daddy, do you want to see how big i am?!"

it is likely that only about 5% of baby brother's broccoli
actually ended up in his mouth.
nevertheless, miles is definitely catching up quick.
so hard to believe it is already time
to plan my baby's first birthday party.

smiles, 11 months:
(giant THANK YOU to dad for shooting these with me!)

what a happy little bean.



my bobby winter today on his birthday.
he would have been 56.
he was amazing.
i miss him dearly.
miles winter is super smiley
just like his uncle bobby was ;)

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  1. THAT SMILE!!! Perfection. Can't wait to celebrate little man at his party. (And play with big brother too!)