Friday, February 8, 2013


miles is still a really quiet little man,
doesn't say much yet.
he has mastered mama, dadda
and on occasion, he makes a "muh" sound (more).
he makes a perfect "vroom vroom" sound as he pushes
cars, trucks, legos, tupperware around the floor.

he expanded his word bank by one yesterday afternoon.

oliver was at preschool so miles and i ventured out on an errand spree.
we hit world market, old navy, aaron brothers, starbucks, and michaels.
by the time we were at the last store, miles had finally decided to protest.
i took his cue and headed back to the car.
the moment i put him back in the car,
he looked up at me and very loudly


then he sighed
and fell asleep.

love it.

apparently shopping is exhausting
even from a stroller.

i love my little buddy.

i love THIS little buddy SO much too -
remember my oooober sweet nephew, mr logan?!
he is six months old already

and gorgeous:

ridiculously cute mom+baby.

next post i get to introduce you to my newest
sweet little lovie, sweet baby kenny.



"what fills your heart will lead your life."

ps. a bit of a dilemma...
i have been searching for new thank you cards
to have on hand for my clients.
came across these super fun ones
from a fun etsy shop (hellosmallworld):

"stripey girl" or "scarf girl" ?
each would be perfect.
trouble is i am equally obsessed with both stripes and scarves.
what would you choose?

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