Thursday, February 14, 2013

to the brim

happy valentines day!

i broke my 'no latte' rule today.
it was a delicious rule-break.
while in the starbucks drive-thru 
i spotted a mazda millennia
in front of me.


to anyone else,
it would look like just another
ordinary 90's-ish four door sedan.
nothing fancy.
but to me -
it is the car my dad rented
for our special daddy-daughter date
(in my tween years).
it was take your kiddo to work day at boeing.
i don't remember all the details of that day
but i do remember feeling super special 
as my dad proudly introduced me to all
the shop guys i had heard stories about.
i also remember wearing some (seriously unattractive) safety glasses.
and i remember the car ride home as if it were yesterday...
wow. my dad rented a car. just for me.

thank you to whoever was in the mazda millennia at starbucks today
for bringing an extra wide smile to my face.

thank you dad for your big big heart.

happy LOVE day to 
my main squeeze,
my two angel babies, 
to all of my family and friends.
you fill my heart to the brim.


it is only appropriate that
on valentines day
i get to introduce you to my newest crush.

meet sweet baby kenny:


all you need is love.


last week, oliver said to me as we were driving home from preschool
"mommy. i love you to the moon and back.  and to the sun and back. i love you double."
(he later repeated the same sentiment to daddy.  and then to the beloved tv. i like to pretend it was really meant just for me.)


read this book last week. LOVED it. highly recommend  (i've bought and gifted
four additional copies already).


wouldn't be a valentine's day post without
posting my eclectic love day meatloaf recipe (that sounds so weird).
find it here.

pssss. (lots of ps's today i know):

something i am totally in LOVE with -
the super precious dip at the back of miles' neck...
it is to die for. at least for his mommy it is.

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