Thursday, April 21, 2011

baby jakob - more faves / madonna and walmart fun

good mornin peeps!

stayed up way too late last night editing - but had a lot of fun...

here are a few more jems of sweet little jakob. what a lovie!

i have 1300 + photos to edit for the daycare auction next weekend! many sleepless nights in my very near future. ;)

on another topic - does anyone actually care if lady gaga's new hit sounds like a rip-off of a madonna song? since yahoo has decided this is major front page news, here are my two cents: to me (with my childhood memories of dancing around the house in mom's aerobics outfits to madonna's legendary hits "material girl,"  "crazy for you" and "lucky star") no one can hold a candle to old-school madonna. not even gaga. for some fun thursday morning nostalgia - check out this video.

maria belle was kind enough to forward a new set of "people of walmart", a.k.a. "walmartians" photos to me this morning. check out these two amazing multi-tasking moms! i love it that people are shameless enough to pull out their camera phones and get these fantastic shots! yay walmart photographers!

oliver wore his new ADORABLE little bicycle clip-on neck tie to school today for his class easter party. his teachers were swooning over him when i left. i am so excited for the fun-filled easter weekend ahead! egg-coloring tonight. family photos in port townsend saturday. church, brunch and easter egg hunt on sunday. and lots and lots of editing in between it all. ;)



"be absolutely determined to enjoy whatever you do." - gerry sikovski

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