Tuesday, April 19, 2011

beach weekend + new senior portraits

ryan thought we could use some time away to cut loose. so he arranged for oliver to have an overnighter at grandma and grandpa's so we could spend some time at the beach. headed to ocean shores saturday morning and spent the day with homey and jen and pops (ryan's dad, jack).

fun, brightly painted buildings seem to beckon spontaneous photo ops. so, when i spotted these ones on our way into town, we had to stop and snap a few.

homey and jen laughed through theirs pics.

ryan and i got romantical! yeah. baby.
(i love out of focus kissy shots. great work jen, even if it was not on purpose).
we had a blast at the beach. ate some fabulous grub at galway bay irish pub. then we built a bonfire and danced around it to a mixed cd that ryan compiled for pops, entitled "a plethora of green day songs." we slept in until at least 8:00 sunday morning! good times had by all. thank you, thank you ma and
bob for hanging with o!

if you have never gone to the ocean to unwind, i very highly recommend it. i hear there is a clam tide this weekend so if you need a fun reason for a spontaneous getaway, clamming is super fun...

oliver was thoroughly enjoying his juice box and his time with grandpa bob when we arrived to pick him back up. word is he was very well behaved at church. yay oliver! yay grandma and grandpa!

once we got home from the beach, unpacked and cleaned up, i headed out to another beach for a
senior portrait session.

brian and his mom joan are so rad! this shoot was fantastic fun. we shot at the cove (private beach in normandy park - beautiful location) and then headed to old downtown des moines in search of brick and bright walls. luckily, we found both.  here are a few of my first faves.

happy graduation brian! and best of luck at central!


"success is not the key to happiness. happiness is the key to success. if you love what you are doing,
 you will be successful." - herman cain. 

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