Thursday, April 7, 2011

tappy tap tap

i have been shooting a ton of photos of o's school friends for the upcoming daycare auction. (i have 1300+ images to sort through/edit). 90+ adorable littles. it has been a blast. here are two of my favorite shots of some of the girls during tap class. if i am blessed with a baby girl someday, she will most certainly be encouraged to take ballet and tap. these classes were sooooo    much     fun     to photograph!

happy thursday friends.


"don't sweat the small stuff."


  1. Oh I'm so sorry Nik. :( But your last sentence made me giggle. It did.

    What great shots and what a great eye you have. LOVE!

    Wishing you and O a better afternoon.

    Blessings - Debbie

  2. um that last shot could be framed. love.

  3. Oh my gosh!!! Those shots are amazing. Trish is right, you need to frame them. I wish so much that I would have been into photography when my kids were little so that I could capture momemnts like this. So darling.

    As for your horrible morning. I feel for you. Those were my worst moments as a mother with toddlers. Vomiting in the car. It's so awful!! That smell takes a while to say "goodbye" Hope things look up for you. Wish you were my neighbor, I would bring you cupcakes, and cleaning supplies. :)

  4. Decided to delete the portion of the post that detailed my horrible run-in with baby vomit. Some readers (yes, i have readers!) were getting grossed out. I heart you ladies! - nik