Friday, May 27, 2011


i consider myself very blessed.

at times i also consider myself very spoiled.

my mother-in-law (aka "ma") spoils me. a lot.

she came to stay with us wednesday night. she brought dinner. she also brought a gorgeous hand-knitted beanie - made from the fur of a white alpaca named conquistador. love love love it.

she is the sweetest! she is adorable and she is ooober talented. each time i have shown ma a photo of a drool-worthy knitted or crocheted accessory from anthro or urban outfitters... voila, in no time at all, she has (with love) made me one even more drool-worthy. (and of course, she makes gorgeous hand-knitted/crocheted gifts for ryan and oliver too - blankets, slippers, precious baby hats... ma's sisters, auntie m and auntie sharon, got the super talented gene too. we love all the home-made gifts!)

fabulously spoiled. i am.

not like me to post pics of me but i want to show you my new hat (which is rad and glow-y in these pics):

some of my favorite hand-made treasures from ma:

thank you thank you ma! love you!

looking forward to the long weekend. yippee! 


"the purpose of life is to discover your gift. the meaning of life is to give it away"
- david viscott


  1. Well now it's clear where Oliver got his eyes. Wow. The handmade lovelies are wonderful.

  2. you are so blessed to have such a wonderful mother-in-law! love the new beanie. and I think I recognize that gold scarf :)