Saturday, May 28, 2011

lazy day + zoo pics (roarrrr)

my sister's husband recently tried to boycott taco night. he argues that my sister makes tacos for dinner wayyy too often. she was grocery shopping yesterday and called to ask danny what he would like for dinner. being facetious, he answered "oh i don't know - how about tacos." 

so jess invited oliver and i over for tacos last night. ha! while we were prepping the food, danny was telling his friend mike about how sick he is of tacos. jess joined in the conversation, justifying weekly, sometimes bi-weekly taco nights, sighting all the possible variations of said taco night

"there are turkey tacos;
chicken tacos;
ground beef;
shredded beef;
shredded chicken tacos;
fish tacos;
tacos with hard shells;
soft shells;
taco salad"

i am certain the list would have gone on and on had danny and mike not started talking over her:

"shrimp gumbo;
shrimp soup;
shrimp pasta;
shrimp ice cream..." you get the picture.

best part is - 20 minutes later, danny was devouring 4 tacos.

i heart family get togethers. had a great time. oliver wore himself out playing with reecey roo and slept in until 9:00 this morning. ahhh. so awesome.

today is a BIG day. a landmark day. little o went peepee on the potty! we celebrated with as much outside time as he could take before getting all tuckered out. he tired max out too.

i promised pics of our trip last weekend to woodland park zoo. big plastic mechanical dinosaurs, a curious little monkey, a pretty yellow bird, a not-shy-in-the-least-bit peacock (oliver tried communicating with the peacock, "kah-di-doooooooo"), doting uncles, doting mommy and daddy, one very happy baby boy:

weekend wine recommendation (thank you alexis! i thoroughly enjoyed it. delish!):

hope you are having a lovely memorial day weekend!



"wisdom begins in wonder" - socrates

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